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The year 2016 has been deemed as one of the deadliest year for American roads; basically, death caused by traffic was greater in number last year compared to the other previous years as statistics show.  Car accident reports were rampant here and there in the United States last 2016.

Car Accident

Car accidents occur when a motorized vehicle collides or hits another vehicle, objects, or a person. These accidents usually end up with consequences that cause damage to property as well as injury or worse, death, to persons.

Car accidents, depending on the severity of damages, will most likely be costly. In the United States, those who are found to have caused motor accidents may be held liable for the damages and the injuries brought about by the accident. However, in the U.S., the laws vary depending on which courts take cognizance of the case.

There are various causes of car accidents in the U.S. and all over the world, some of the common causes are the following:

Common Causes

  • Using gadgets and other devices while driving
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving while too exhausted
  • Speeding on the road
  • Snowy or wet road condition
  • Disobeying road signs

causes of car accidents

What To Do

When facing a car accident situation that might have caused more than just minor damages, regardless if you think you have caused the accident or if you are the injured party, there are several steps to follow.

  • Do not leave the scene

One of the biggest mistakes people usually do when faced with these situations is leaving the area of accident. Avoid doing this for the authorities might think you are trying to get away from the liabilities.

  • Stay in a safer area

If possible, stay in an area where it is much safer. For instance, you may at the side of the road instead of staying behind your smoking vehicle. However, be sure that you are still within the area of the scene

  • Contact the authorities

Call the authorities for help. In cases involving injuries, you must immediately call for an ambulance so as to help the injured party; delaying this will only endanger the life of the parties suffering from the accident.

  • Take pictures

If possible, take pictures of the situation of the vehicles as well as the injuries or damages it has caused. These may be used as evidence later on in the event where suits are filed by one party against the other.

  • Talk to the other party

It is also important for you to communicate with the other party regarding the situation. This is because settlements and negotiations are some of the things you might have to discuss with them sooner or later.

  • Hire a legal counsel

In the event where one party seems to be uncooperative or in the event where you want to sue the other party or you are being sued by the other party, you must hire an accident attorney to handle your case.

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