1. Tso Style Chicken Wings   11

sesame seeds, green onion, japanese cowboy sauce

(or ask for them tossed in our house hot sauce)


Hand-Cut Fries 7 (v)

vermont white cheddar dusted, ranch aioli


Hushpuppies   6 (v)

elote loco style, lime, queso fresco, crema, chili


African Chicken Groundnut Stew   9

chicken confit, ground peanuts, chili, sesame oil


Hearty Vegetable Soup   7 (v)

flageolets, beets, chives, crème fraiche


Market Salad   7.5 (v)

local greens, seasonal vegetables & herb vinaigrette


with your choice of fries or side salad 

The Burger    13

roseda farm dry aged beef-house ground, ‘merican cheese


Fried B.B.R. Chicken Sandwich   13

bbq, bacon, ranch, pickles n’ a little greens


Quentil Burger   10 (v)

quinoa, lentils, cucumber, mint, greek yogurt, feta, harissa aioli


Shroom & Oat Burger   10 (v)  

gruyere, three-onion jam, mustard aioli



Larger Plates

Wheel Ranch Lamb Ragout   9/17

with cavatappi, breadcrumb, & grana


Fall Root Veg “Risotto”   7/15 (v)

creamy farro, roasted root vegetables & grana padano


Skirt Steak & Fries   21

with foie butter


Fried Catfish   16

buttermilk & cornmeal battered blue cat, house fries, tartar sauce




Baked Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake   7

whipped chocolate ganache


Buttermilk Panna Cotta   7

red wine fruit compote

Meats & Cheeses

1 for 6, 3 for 15, 5 for 27







La Quercia, Iowa



Olli, Virginia


Hot Coppa

Columbus, CA



Creminelli, UT



Columbus, CA





Bayley Hazen Blue

Jasper Hill, VT

raw cow, semi-soft



Vermont Creamery, VT

goat, soft ripened



Meadow Creek, VA

cow, semi-firm



Nancy’s, NY

sheep & cow, soft ripened


Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Uplands, WI

raw cow, semi-firm

Our menu is carefully crafted and executed by Executive Chef Adam Stein who brings some of the most creative and exciting food combinations to your palate. It features locally sourced, ethically produced ingredients. Our chicken is free range. Our beef is grass fed. Our pork is local and all natural. Our seafood is sustainable, and most of our produce is from local farmers. We respect the products we serve by buying them whole, preparing them here, and utilizing as much of them as possible.


We also have a special BRUNCH menu available on Sundays.

We curently do not take dinner reservations, but if you would like to organize something for a larger group, please email


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