how data acquisition system works

The advancement of science would not be possible without data acquisition. This process is what ensures new improvements in all fields of studies. Without it, no field of study would be able to move forward. Besides moving word when it comes to modern technology, data acquisition is also used in trying to determine how to improve and take care of the environment to ensure sustainability. Scientists and engineers are mostly the ones who use DAQs in their laboratory.

What is data acquisition?

Basically, data acquisition is the method of gathering signals from physical conditions of the world. These signals are then converted into values which can be manipulated with the use of computers.

Data acquisition systems have 3 components that focus on converting the physical signals into digital values. These are as follows:

  • Sensors which convert the physical signals into electric signals
  • Circuit for signal conditioning that is used to convert sensor signals into a form that can be converted into digital values
  • Analog to Digital converters used to convert conditioned signals to digital values

data acquisition system uses

Typically, these data acquisition systems, also known as DAS or DAQs, measure physical or electrical phenomenon such as the following:

  • Pressure
  • Current
  • Sound
  • Voltage
  • Temperature

Since these DAQs are crucial to almost every academic field in the world, many companies have gone into manufacturing DAQs. Unfortunately, most of the DAQs sold in the market are those which are quite bulky. Some of its interfaces are not that pleasant as well. Of course, concerns about its portability and interfaces are some of the many factors that have to be considered when purchasing DAQs. Other factors needed to be considered would include its battery life, wireless connectivity, etc.

Fortunately, there are DAQ companies that have really modernized their tracks. Daqifi, for example, has been providing DAQs that are easy to configure. Besides being easy to carry around, the interface of their DAQs are also great as it accommodates android and windows desktop, it also allows a clutter-free screen by hiding unused controls and data logs. Since this company focuses on the data collected itself, they make sure the user is able to really focus on the important data.

Another great thing is that Daqifi can handle multiple clients. Basically, this means that Daqifi allows one central location to collect and configure information rather than having one workstation per data acquisition system.

Indeed, the world of microcomputers is still growing. Having DAQs which allow us to look at the physical world in the digital eyes is definitely revolutionizing. In some cases, we do not anymore have to experience actual phenomenon just to know its implications and effects. With technology like these data acquisition systems, we are able to determine things ahead. Furthermore, not only is this digital system a low-cost method, it also ensures accuracy in the data collected and observed. Even until today, its growth is not on halt. More and more improvements in the field of data acquisition is happening.